How To Turn On Or Off the Autocomplete In Windows 10 File Explorer


The autocomplete feature that is present in Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 File Explorer is there to help users to navigate the file explorer easily by giving them suggestions while typing. This feature works in a similar way that web browsers work. As you begin typing in the address bar of your file explorer or even the Run dialog box, many suggestions are displayed. You won’t have to bother to remember the path to get to a file location or launch a utility. 

The autocomplete features help one to remember the commands needed when using the Windows Run dialog.

A major reason why this autocomplete feature should be turned off is because it provides too many suggestions. This actually pisses most people off.

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NB: To turn off this feature, you will have to hack your Windows Registry. Therefore, if you are uncomfortable hacking the Registry or inexperienced in doing so, then don’t do it. If you do this wrong or mess anything up while doing this, your PC can become unstable. It is also important to create a full-system backup or Restore Point before you go ahead.

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Disable AutoComplete in Windows File Explorer with Registry Hack

The autocomplete feature is on by default on most Windows PC. However, if you want to enable or disable it, you only need to do a simple tweak in the Windows Registry.

STEP 1: Hit the Windows Key + R on your keyboard to bring up the Run dialog. Type Regedit and click OK or press Enter key.

STEP 2: Head to the path below:


STEP 3: Right-click and select New >> String Value and type in AutoSuggest. This action will create a new String Value named AutoSuggest in the left-panel.

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STEP 4: After the string value (AutoSuggest) has been created, double-click on the AutoSuggest string and set its Value data to “Yes” (if you want to enable Autocomplete) or “no” (if you want to deactivate Autocomplete).

STEP 5: After the desired value has been set, close the Registry Editor and check if the feature has been turned on or off.


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