Things to Do and Avoid While on Facebook


The term ‘Facebook’ is usual to hear and spell by nearly 90% of the modern population. This social networking site got that much popularity and recognition in the world! Being one of the interesting and easy ways to connect with friends and family, Facebook is bringing users with lots of knowledge and information about many things in and around the world.

Though using this media may be confusing for the first time users, it will make everyone expert on it through continuous practice. Other than fun, Facebook also gives users the opportunity to learn from each other. Here we discuss the important factors that a user has to keep in mind while using Facebook.


Things to Do while Using Facebook

  • Put your real picture in the Facebook profile along with original name, place and address when you start a Facebook account. This is to help your friends and family members easily recognize you. Also include details like school and colleges so that you can easily find your lost friends too.
  • Check and ensure each friend request after visiting their profile. The requester may be using a fake photo so visit his/her profile to get original details. Fake profiles are common on Facebook and so, check each and every friend request for keeping your profile safe and secured.
  • When you create photo albums, use privacy settings because you may have some snaps that you don’t like to share publicly. Apply security settings and keep the photos viewable only to the circle you select.
  • Tag photos after uploading them to your profile. This will help your friends aware of their snaps, and moreover, it will make your bonding with friends stronger.
  • Stay patient when you get unknown friend requests or you couldn’t recognize him/her. Simply click the ignore option and move to searching or chatting your known friends.
  • Make a different list for your friends and family because both of the categories will have different attitude and talking style to you. So, apply different settings for them and never make them mixed up.
  • If you find any kind of harassments or stalks with you on FB, immediately report to the Facebook or inform your guardians. In some situations, such harassment may lead to obsession and culminate badly.
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Things to avoid while Using Facebook

  • Don’t let your profile as it is since you have signed in. Customize your FB account using privacy and security settings to keep it safe and secured.
  • Never use your profile wall to notify your journey, schedules and planning. It may be used by any hackers and lead to hindering in your work.
  • Never accept friend requests from unknowns. Check and ensure each profile before accepting.
  • Never use public walls as your own and keep the decorum of fan pages and group pages. Share information or anything about you on your wall only, never in public walls.
  • Keep yourself out from bullying or ragging through FB. This may lead you to legal action, and in some cases can put you in prison. Keep avoiding these ‘Don’ts’ to never become a Facebook idiot.
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Facebook brings you fun and chances to know societal data quickly and easily. So, it is our duty to use the site safely and without breaking public norms. Be a responsible and sensible user of Facebook.


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