How To Refill Printer Cartridge With Ink


Undoubtedly, printer cartridges are expensive, such as the HP 122 Ink Cartridge that costs as high as $25. Although you can refill a printer cartridge with ink at a store. However, a cost-friendly and effective method or option is to refill the printer cartridge yourself. You only need a few things.

  1. A bottle of printer ink: You can order a printer ink on Amazon or you can visit a local computer store.
  2. A syringe: 1ml, 2ml or 4ml, but a 1ml syringe is recommended.
  3. A paper waste cloth: This will be used to clean the leaking inl
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  1. Remove your printer cartridge from its compartment. When you check the sticker (usually white) covering the cartridge, you should see a black spot on it (See picture 1). There is a hole underneath the black spot. It is through this hole that the ink is injected into the printer cartridge.
  2. Pierce the black spot using a needle or peel off the white sticker to see the hole underneath.
  3. Use your syringe to draw the ink slowly and inject the ink through the hole into the cartridge (see picture 2).
  4. That’s all. However, read the tips listed below:
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The following tips are useful when refilling your printer cartridge.

  • The needle has a very small size. So if you draw in the ink very fast, you would be creating air-gaps. These air gaps are capable of blocking your ink cartridge. Ensure no air bubbles are present in the syringe before injecting the ink into the cartridge.
  • This refilling process is a somewhat messy task. Hence, use a paper waste cloth or tissue paper to clean leaking ink drops.
  • Avoid filling the cartridge at full capacity to prevent ink leakage. A near-capacity is recommended.
  • After refilling the cartridge, leave to rest for 2-3 hours to allow the ink to settle at the bottom of the foam enclosed inside the cartridge.
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