Write Your Own Story Online with Lugelo Storybook


“Write the story of your life, but don’t let anyone else hold the pen of your life”

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What is Lugelo?

Lugelo is an online journal app that lets you pen down your thoughts in a digitised format. A medium that serves you a place to write private journals, blogs, scrapbooks or biographies. Lugelo preserves your ideas and observations on a number of things and records it in the form of a journal.

Why Lugelo?

An app to share story

We all have a story to share, memories to ponder upon and events to remember. All we have to do is step out of our comfort zone and start writing. Lugelo is the right blend of personal and professional space where you can write your own story online and choose your audience.

A web and mobile-based app that lets you record, write and share it with the people that you like.

Unhindered Privacy

A writer’s concern always is the privacy of his thoughts. You might come up with the next best seller in town and are afraid of the idea being leaked. Such ideas cannot be kept across a paper and should be preserved in such a way that is accessible from any place, anytime and in a secure way. With Lugelo’s strong password formations, you need not worry about the privacy at all. With your built-in encryption policy, we protect your data to an extent that no platform can track your entries. We value your memories more than anything else.

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Quick Tip: Do not forget your password, for if you do, you might lose your entries forever.

Easy Access

Out on a business trip or vacation with your friends, and need a handy place to write? Lugelo not only lets you make notes, record your travel stories, make a check-list of things a sail high. With our chose to share option, you can also publish your stories and share them to the Lugelo users.

Monitor your kids

You can set up an account for your kid and monitor your kid’s activities, connect him to the share storybooks with them, have their school activities monitored, all under one roof.

Manage your profiles

Lugelo lets you manage multiple accounts and biographies including your loved ones from the past and the present. Get suggestions from them, review their accounts, and comment or monitor their posts, leave feedback on the profile or share them across apps to write and share stories.

What sets Lugelo apart?

Lugelo is different from all the apps to share story out there. We have considered the following aspect so that we can provide a unique and memorable experience for you.

Free of cost 

You are here to write express, and share your stories to the world. Why charge you for that? Enjoying journaling with Lugelo at no additional costs, no hidden charges or in-app purchases. Just sign-up and start writing!

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If you can send a message with your phone, then Lugelo is surely your cup of tea. With our sleek designs and easy to use user template, you can easily benefit from all our features and organize your entries in fractions of seconds. What sets us aside from our competitors is our one-step sign up the structure and a simplified user interface.

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Easy interaction:

Lugelo is a one-stop platform to read, write and interact. Write your own journals, share it with your friends, family or make it public. Interact with fellow Lugelo users by reading their stories, sharing feedback on their entries and join the Lugelo community by making more writer friends.

Sign-up and let your thoughts out!

How does it work?

Lugelo is a simple online journey that just requires you to sign-up and you are good to go!

Just login to your account, finish up the procedures, and start writing.

Write, Create, Develop and Share amazing stories about your activities and products with Lugelo. An interesting online journal to maintain your personal and professional experiences and share it with your loved ones. Now available on the Android Play Store and iOS App Store.


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