Huawei P40 Series- Leaks, Rumours and Specifications


Only in summer, the Mate X was introduced by Huawei and techies are already waiting for more. We surf the web all the time, grabbing for every straw that brings us information about the upcoming new flagship. Here are all the rumors about the Huawei P40:

As every year, the Huawei flagships are eagerly awaited, fulfilling exactly what was promised and expected. Despite the huge trade dispute with the US government, it is going well for the company, sales continue to rise . So the upcoming P40 series is likely to come back on the market with a Lite, a standard and a pro variant.

Display and Design

A fundamentally new design by Huawei was not expected. The classic edgy look is retained which is exactly what the user likes. The corners should be even edgier, as with the previous devices. The colours, unfortunately are still a well-kept secret.

The display gets an upgrade: The user can decide whether the screen resolves in Quad-HD with larger battery consumption or Full HD +. In addition, the Gorilla glass will probably be used again to protect the devices of the P40 series sufficiently.

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Enhanced Penta Camera


The current Huawei P30 Pro offers a whopping four lenses on the back for perfect photos. It is not without good reason that the smartphone therefore has one of the best cell phone cameras in 2019 . The Huawei P40 will probably come in the standard version with four lenses on the market. According to rumors, the P40 Pro is equipped with a total of five camera lenses, similar to the Nokia 9 , the Knipsen are arranged in a circle. As in previous years, the cameras come from the expert Leica.

Processor and Memory

The P40 series will most likely feature the in-house Kirin 990 processor introduced at IFA 2019. As an update to the predecessor Kirin 980, which already delivers a brilliant performance in the Huawei P30, the performance is increased even further with the Octa-Core processor. Faster download speeds, KI and 5G are standard benefits.

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Also in terms of memory should have done something. According to rumors, the RAM should be around 10 GB in size. You can also expect a larger battery for a longer runtime.

Improved Hardware and OS

In the continuing trade war between China and the US, Huawei has to make an important decision. Actually, the company used Android from Google, which can no longer be used in case of a hardening of the political-economic relations between the nations. Huawei has already reported that it is working on its own operating system called Harmony OS. Rumor has it that both softwares are installed on the Huawei P40. Depending on the development of the event, the user has the option of either using one or the other operating system.

Although the previous processor was 5G-capable too, the new one offers the new wireless standard that other providers are not yet providing. This is mainly due to the fact that mobile operators assume that it will take some time until the wireless standard has established itself and antennas are so far expanded. However, Huawei is very interested in a fast expansion and thus also offers smartphones with suitable technology.

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The Huawei P20 costed 649 euros during its market launch in 2018 with the pro version costing 899 euros. The launch price for Huawei P30 this year was 749 euro with the P30 Pro costing 999 euros.

Based on an annual price increase of one hundred euros, we expect a price of around 849 for the Huawei P40 and about 1099 for the P30 Pro. There will probably also be different memory sizes with varying prices.

Expected Launch Date

Both the P20 and P30 series appeared in spring. Hence, we expect both the Huawei P40 and P40 Pro to be launched during that time of the year in 2020 as well!!


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