Health Benefits Of Wearable Technology


Wearable technology has found fans in people of different age groups. Wearable devices are known to fascinate professionals who are already well-established in their respective fields, young students who are still in school, older adults looking for options to spend their retired life happily and so on.

The primary reason behind the growing popularity of these devices is the wide array of health benefits they offer. Below we have explored some of those advantages of using wearable tech.

Activity tracking: A number of leading tech companies have marketed activity tracking wristbands that are designed keeping in mind the needs of people who are extremely serious about their fitness. Examples include Fitbit, Fitbug Orb, Nike+Fuel, Basis B1 and so on. These bands come with the ability to track a range of bodily functions including heart rate and sleeping habits. You may also be able to use it to measure your daily calorie intake and monitor the distance covered by you when jogging or walking.

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Posture correction: Often we are advised by our parents to sit with our back straight; many of us fail to abide by the advice and eventually have a bad posture and several back problems. Now, we have a wearable device that can help us in correcting our posture. It’s called the Lumo Lift. Lumo Lift is basically a back posture sensor that we’ll need to clip onto our back. The device works by generating gentle vibrations to warn the wearer whenever it detects that he/she is slouching. Additionally, those who don’t have a fitness tracker can use Lumo Lift to play that role.

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Gesture controlling: A wearable device called Myo Gesture Control Armband can be used to detect muscle changes responsible for creating hand gestures. The sensors embedded in this device assist users in controlling computers and other electrical equipment in the same way Matilda, a legendary character created by Ronald Dahl, used her psychokinetic powers. The Myo Gesture Control Armband can have several applications in the healthcare industry. It can be used to operate different medical equipment in hospitals. Disabled or elderly individuals, on the other hand, can use the armband to complete daily chores without any assistance; with it they will be able to use electrical appliances, and computers with minimal effort.

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In the future, we will see more frequent use of wearable tech for healthcare purposes. Additionally, scientists and engineers of the next generation will keep on working to make wearable tech more refined and affordable.


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