How To Download Windows 10 ISO for a Clean Install


Do you want to install Windows 10 rather than updating from a previous Windows OS version such Windows 8.1? Well, it is possible to do this by using a Windows 10 ISO tool. Follow the guide below on how to download official Windows 10 ISO tool.


1. Go to Microsoft Website to download Windows 10 image file

2. After landing on Microsoft’s website, choose either a 32-bit or 64-bit version of the Windows 10 Download Tool.

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What Next?

1. After downloading the Windows 10 ISO, download a Media Creation Tool
2. After downloading the media creation tool, Run the tool and start the install wizard.
3. You will be shown two options: You can either choose the Upgrade this PC now or Create installation media for another PC.

  • If you choose Upgrade this PC nowyou won’t need to wait for Microsoft to do the installation provided you have reserved a copy.
  • If you choose Create installation media for another PC, you can use the option to use a USB or DVD drive to install the OS.
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4. When you choose the second option (Create installation media for another PC), click Next and you will be asked to select your Language, Edition (Windows 10 Home or Pro), Architecture (32-bit, 64-bit or both).
5. After clicking Next, you will need to select the media you desire to use–either a USB flash drive (at least 4 GB in size) or burn the ISO you download to a DVD.

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