How Adyen Payment Gateway Is Ruling over other WooCommerce Gateways



    WooCommerce is a trendy eCommerce platform used by startups and enterprise-level eCommerce players or brands around the world. Global brands used to justify a wide diversity of payment needs for their global audience. Global shoppers come from different regions and countries of the world. It makes their payment gateway needs complex due to regional preferences and diversity in service providers for a safe and secure payment process.

    Intricacy in Traditional Payment Gateways

    Adyen Payment Gateway

    The traditional payment process on eCommerce requires link up with several intermediaries, such as different regionally and globally popular payment gateways, service providers, acquirers, and processors.

    Moreover, recent trends of Omnichannel eCommerce increase intricacies in the entire payment process by sending data from POS, M-commerce, Web, and other modes of payments acquire for brick stores, social channels, and so on.

    • It means the eCommerce payment system has to consolidate transaction data from these Omnichannel endpoints.
    • Besides these, the eCommerce team has to create a set of intermediaries for each new region across the geographies of the globe.
    • It increased the involvement of more vendor contractors, various systems, and integrations for the process.
    • Each new component demands its charges and commissions from the payment system/gateway. Ultimately, it leads to higher payment processing costs, like PayPal and other global players are paying in the market today.

    Ease in Adyen Payment Gateway

    adyen payment methods

    Adyen is a combination of the payment gateway, service provider, acquirers, and processor working underneath a single system. It drastically cuts the payment process time and hefty charges of various intermediaries. It means Adyen has to look at merchants at one side and scheme providers and payment issuers at another side. It makes the process fast and the most secured.

    Thereby, Adyen needs only one system, one process integration, and one contract for global customers across the 150+ countries and allows 200+ payment methods.

    What is Adyen?

    Pieter van der Does, CEO and Arnout Schuijff, CTO are the founder of Adyen. They have started an innovative Fin-Tech company along with some other entrepreneurs in 2006. The meaning of Adyen in Surinamese is ‘start over again,’ and they made it true by revolutionized the entire payment gateway approaches.

    what is adyen

    Technically, Adyen offers a multi-faceted payment platform driving values to merchants by its partnerships with card schemes and technology platforms, including ecommerce, POS, billing, and CRM.

    Is Adyen a Buzz Today?

    Last year, Adyen had signed an agreement with eBay and will act as a primary payment processing partner after 2020. It has kept PayPal aside and won the attention of the payment service provider market as a leading fin-tech company. In 2017, Adyen processed $125 billion per annum.

    Apart from eBay, it has Uber, Nike, Netflix, and Spotify, Tiffany, and EasyJet are leading merchants joined as B2B customers with Adyen. The support of Adyen for Omnichannel retailers like Nike for physical and online sales noteworthy because Omnichannel commerce is the next wave.

    How is Adyen Different from other players in the Market?

    • Adyen has a direct contract with card schemes around the world to enable ‘plug-and-play’ expansion to new regions.
    • It has local payment methods across the world and expertise on all.
    • It offers unified commerce experience across the nations and encompassing the web, mobile, and in-store channels to process the acquired data.
    • Thus, Adyen manages payments across channels and countries with one integration, one back-end, and one contract.
    • It means Adyen accumulates payment data and offers merchants to get insights into their customers in a single interface using a CRM system.

    How Adyen Prioritize Security?

    Adyen has taken unprecedented measures to mitigate risks and security threats looming over transaction data and processes. In due course, it has invested in its servers and hosted its main system in data centers located in the USA and Europe.

    • It bears a huge team of software developers, administrators, database managers, networking experts, and security experts working in-house.
    • It has an excellent system based on redundant and SOA designed for maximum uptime.
    • Thus, the system can accept payments simultaneously from multiple hosting locations.
    • Adyen provides an in-house risk management system and fraud protection overall payment methods.
    • Adyen uses AI and associated technologies like machine learning for payment routing and authentication for maximizing the optimization of authorization rate.
    • It follows the highest standards for security, integrity, and stability using its complete control over the entire system.


    We have seen that Adyen offers three prime things like lower costs, streamlined processes, and the greater buyer reach along with unbeatable security and easy-going processes. It means it is the most accepted choice for your payment gateway partner when you look for a WooCommerce storefront.

    Perception System, San Jose, USA always recommends the right payment gateway providers to its patrons looking for their WooCommerce development and have signed WooCommerce support and maintenance contract/package. Alternatively, they have created the WooCommerce Adyen Payment Gateway plugin which is an integration of WooCommerce flow and Adyen’s latest library. Now make secure payments on your site.



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